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Welcome to the new look Cotswold Scouts – we are currently building new content for the site, we will go fully live when this is completed.

Check back for when we go live!

What tasks do we need to complete?

We are looking for you...can you do any of our tasks?

There are many roles you can take on in Scouting, both working with the young people, or supporting those who do.

We have listed some key tasks we regularly need to fill…some may be with a specific group, others are with all groups.

If you feel you have the skills for any of our tasks – get in touch!

test role 2 second test role

second test role excerpt

test role 3 this is a few words about what the task is - lets see it if it is long - how does it look

this is the excerpt of the role – a brief description that will appear at in the fold down of the card

test role 4 This is who we are

New except for task 4


lots of stuff here

test role1 quick title 1

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